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Tournament Guidelines:​

Comprising of 7 adrenaline-fueled matches, this tournament promises not just a battle, but an epic saga. Seven chances to ascend or descend, where every move could make or break a champion.


This isn't simply a team event - it's an exciting, unpredictable adventure unfolding with every step. Individuals sign up for the event as solo contenders, only to be swept each match into a random 4v4 Halo 3 team, meticulously crafted by cutting-edge AI. Echoing the exhilarating unpredictability of the '90s and the golden epoch of impromptu matches, this pioneering method introduces an invigorating new spin on traditional gameplay. It's a bewitching fusion of amusement and uncertainty, expertly crafted to maintain a palpable sense of engagement, keeping every player on their toes, eyes wide with anticipation, perpetually speculating about what lies just beyond the next pixelated turn.

But remember, it's not just about winning matches—it's about earning points. Our unique scoring system is designed to reward strategy, skill, and determination over simply the "best" player with the most kills. The one to amass the highest point total throughout the 7 games will hold the champion title! So gear up and get ready for a challenging and engaging competition where every point counts and everyone has a shot at the crown.


Tournament RULES:​


Scoring System:

  • Victory: +50 points

  • Defeat: +30 points

  • Kill: +1 point

  • Assist: +1 point

  • Ball/Hill Time: +1 point for each instance

  • Flag Capture: +12 points

  • Death: -0.5 point/s


Seeding has be optimized randomly using AI and matches will be played according to seed as below:

1235 vs 4678

1458 vs 2367

1347 vs 2568

1278 vs 3456

1368 vs 2457

1246 vs 3578

1567 vs 2348

Game types:

Game 1 - Multi Flag: Heretic

Game 2 - Team Slayer: AMP'd

Game 3 - Multi Flag: Narrows

Game 4 - Oddball: Guardian

Game 5 - Multi Flag: The Pit

Game 6 - Team King: Construct

Game 7 - Multi Flag: ONi

Tiebreaker Rule:

In the event of a tie for the top three positions at the tournament's conclusion, the tied players will engage in a decisive 7-minute 1v1 duel in the "Heretic Slayer HUMAN SNIPER ONLY" mode. The host selection will be random. If a tie persists, tiebreaker matches will continue, alternating the host for each game, until a clear winner stands out. Only the players vying for 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th will participate in these tiebreakers. The pursuit of supremacy won't cease until a true champion is identified.

Should the uncommon situation of a 3-way tie for 1st Place arise, a two-game, 3-player Free-For-All (FFA) elimination bracket will be implemented:

  • Game 1: The three tied competitors will engage in a match using the previously mentioned mode. The top two will progress to the Grand Finals.

  • Grand Final (Game 2): The leading two players will face off in the same mode to ascertain the 1st and 2nd places.



Tournament Prizes:



Embrace a golden opportunity to claim over $300 in cash rewards and exclusive merchandise! Discover curated, limited-edition collections by Kurvana. Here's a glimpse of the prizes for the SNS2023 Top 4 winners. Ignite your competitive spirit and secure your prize today.

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