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RULES - Summer Nostalgia Series (SNS) 2023

Scoring System:

-A win rewards you with 50 points

-A loss still secures you 30 points

-Each kill adds 1 point to your total

-Each assist adds 2 points to your total

-Each instance of ball or hill time adds 2 points to your total

-Capture a flag, and 12 points will be added to your score


Seeding has be optimized randomly using AI and matches will be played according to seed as below:

1235 vs 4678

1458 vs 2367

1347 vs 2568

1278 vs 3456

1368 vs 2457

1246 vs 3578

1567 vs 2348

Game types:

Game 1 - Multi Flag: Heretic

Game 2 - Team Slayer: Amplified

Game 3 - Multi Flag: Narrows

Game 4 - Oddball: Guardian

Game 5 - Team Slayer: Heretic

Game 6 - Multi Flag: The Pit

Game 7 - Team King: Construct

Tiebreaker Rule:

In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the end of the tournament, the contenders will each face off in a separate decisive 7-minute 1v1 Heretic Slayer game. If this game also ends in a tie, additional games will be initiated until a definitive winner emerges. The relentless pursuit of victory continues until the true champion is confirmed.

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